And I Plucked Her from the Garden

Song about loss of innocence
words and music by Tony Provencher - 1970
Vocals and Twelve-string Guitar - Tony Provencher
Album: The Jealous  Sea - Part II - Folly
And I plucked her from the garden where she bathed in sunny gold
And I held her to my bosom to protect her from the cold.
And I told her that I loved her, told her that I loved her so,
And perhaps my words were empty and perhaps I'll never know.

From her heart I plucked the petals in the sacred name of love
And I robbed her of her sunshine and the light from up above;
And we stumbled in the darkness as a vacuum in a void;
All the beauty that we knew was gone forever, now, destroyed.

And I plucked her from the garden and I robbed her of her gold
And she robbed me in return and so we both were chilled and cold;
For I too was from the garden, and too late was I to learn
That once taken from the garden one can nevermore return
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