The first of three songs in the Folly sequence
, the central core of The Jealous Sea, tells of the building of the Dream.
words and music by Tony Provencher - 1968
Vocals and Guitar - Tony Provencher
Album: The Jealous  Sea - Part II - Folly
Sing to me
Of our chateau in the valley of the Loire,
Or ranch-type castle 'neath the trees
In our land of dreams so far.

Sing to me
Of our children playing in our own back yard
Of fragrant Lillies of the Valley
In our land of dreams so far.

Our secret land of dreams,
Our silly little folly;
No one knows where we go
When we wander in our yonder.

We are but children with
Our silly little folly --
But lay your head upon my shoulder;
Let your hair rain on my face.
Kiss my lips and hold me tight
In the softness of the night.

Sing to me...
In our land of dreams so far.

So far and yet so sure to be,
For you and I believe --
For you and I believe.
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