Castle in the Sand

Composed on the chromatic scale, although I didn't know it at the time.  I always liked the beach after the crowds were gone -- at night, or in the off-season -- with the sound of the surf and seabirds providing counterpoint to my solitary thoughts.
words and music by Tony Provencher - 1967
Vocal and Guitars - Tony Provencher
Album: The Jealous  Sea - Part I  - The Rape of Solitude
Sunset frowns upon the beach; the people fade away.
One by one they disappear, a crowd once loud and gay,
Till I alone am left behind, and on the shore there stand
The long abandoned ruins of a castle in the sand.

A while ago I walked alone in waves of fun and cheer;
Now the softly stumbling surf -- the only waves I hear.
A while ago I was alone, lost in a crowded tide;
Now I'm not alone at all; the ocean's by my side.

And so I race her on the shore, and we explore hand in hand
The long abandoned ruins of a castle in the sand.

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