Rain Raga

Inspired by the modal melodies the Beatles brought back from India, I recorded this on my friends' farm on Prince Edward Island.  The Harmonium, or Reed Organ was bought at auction there by my friend, Sue, for $36.  It seemed to lend itself well to this musical style.
words and music by Tony Provencher - 1971
Vocal, Harmonium, and electric Guitar - Tony Provencher
Album: The Jealous  Sea - Part I  - The Rape of Solitude
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My thoughts are trickleing down
Into the pool of my soul,
And the ripples are slapping the shore
Of my emotions,

The rigid reflection of now
distorted by yesterday's dreams,
Flowing like lamenting streams
Into tomorrow.

I'm NoMan and nowhere in time,
My soul, like a paper sailboat,
Is drifting alone in the stream
Of no emotion.

I'm full and I'm empty;
I'm happy and sad,
And the rain is beating around me.

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