I Have Been a Dreamer

I made this song for Judy, my wife, my friend, my soulmate, on our first Valentine's Day together 2/14/1992.
Words and Music by Tony Provencher - 1992
Vocal and Guitar - Tony Provencher
Album: The ezFolk Sails
I have been a dreamer
Of castles in the sky
That turned to clouds
And then to rain
And fell down from my eyes.

I have been a lover
Of angels pure and true
Who flew away
And fell to earth
And broke my heart in two.

I built this cell with my own hands
From sorrow, loss, and pain.
I built a roof to hide the sky
And keep me from the rain.
I built a window to view my dreams,
And bars to make me stay.
I built a door and barred it shut
To keep my love away.

I have been in prison.
I have been alone --
My life within,
My dreams without
This prison of my own.

And then you came and beckoned me
To walk outside again,
And take your hand and follow you,
and never fear the rain,
Where life and dreams can reunite
And take root in the ground
Of love that stands upon the earth
And dances all around.

Now I can be a dreamer
Of castles on the earth
And I can love and I can laugh,
And bless this sweet rebirth.

Yes, I can be a lover.
I'll dance across the floor.
I'll love you and
You'll love me too;
I'll love you three and for...
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