Like the Wind
words and music by Tony Provencher - 1987
Vocals, acoustic and electric Guitars
- Tony Provencher
Album: Renaissance
Like a soft Spring breeze, you floated with the rain
To wake the seeds that long in sleep had lain,
And my world arose in mirth
To celebrate this sweet rebirth,
And inhale your essence once again.

You ushered in a searing Summer Sun,
And fanned the flames, consuming everyone.
A Summer shower brought relief;
Teardrops hung from every leaf;
And you dried them all when you were done.

Your cooling Autumn breath of life abounds
With living colours, red and gold and brown.
Then you come in like a hurricane,
Sound and fury, wind and rain,
And turn me topsy-turvy upside-down.

A gentle snowfall twinkles past my eyes,
As I recall your softly soothing sighs.
I watch the snowdrift blow away;
I see the trees in the distance sway;
And hear you roaring off into the skies.

Like the wind, you came into my life,
And, like the wind, you go.

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