For Nancy

words and music by Tony Provencher - 1987
Vocal, Guitar
, and Piano - Tony Provencher
Album: Renaissance
Eyes closed, head bowed, as if in prayer,
Strumming and singing, a song I share,
And you sit and pretend that  I'm singing for you.

The heart and the soul contained in each note,
You embrace in your heart the song I wrote,
And you sit and pretend that I wrote it for you.

And You sit and pretend, and you sit and you dream,
How nice it would feel to be someone so special
That the singer would sing just for you,
And the writer would write just for you.

Well, I'm writing my heart's discovery,
And singing so my soul to set free.
Come, sit down and listen - this one's for you.
No need to pretend - this one's for you.
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