Love and Christmas Forever

words and music - Tony Provencher
Vocal and Mouth-Percussion, Guitar, Twelve-String, and Tambourine - Tony Provencher
Album: Promise Me Nothing
And I came down from my kingdom where so warm th sunset shines;
And I shined upon the world and saw the sunshine in my mind;
And I smiled upon the worl and saw the beauty of it all;
And I shined upon a flower who had withered in the Fall.
And she opened up her petals and I saw her smiling bright;
And I smiled and saw the darkened clouds turn pink and fleecy white.

And, as long as I know I can smile with warmth, I see
That every ray of warmth and sunshine is forever more in me,
So today I sit in perfect happiness and so I write,
While upon me pink clouds shed their giant feathers, fleecy white.
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