Sonnets to NoŽlle - III - Times I Wonder
The third in a sonnet sequence ŗ la William Shakespeare or Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  I never got past three, but Bill and Betty never set theirs to music -- or did they.
words and music - Tony Provencher
Vocal and Guitar - Tony Provencher
Album: Dreams and Realities

Times I wonder if thou really be,
Or if I haven't truly found thee still
In others who have stayed awhile with me,
But had to leave, for Change's fickle will.
Am I not, indeed, a child of Time?
And does my love not, too, on time depend,
To, thus, be born in time, and grow in time,
To live in time, and then, in time, to end?
No, my love is not to Time a slave;
Before Time's birth, beyond his death she be,
And, thus, is free from Change's rushing wave,
To free from Time and Change both thee and me.
For thou art she whose love I ever share,
And ever will, and I shall find thee there.
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