Sonnets to NoŽlle - I - I Dreamed a Dream
The first in a sonnet sequence ŗ la William Shakespeare or Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  I never got past three, but Bill and Betty never set theirs to music -- or did they.
words and music - Tony Provencher
Vocal and Guitar - Tony Provencher
Album: Dreams and Realities

I dreamed a dream in early early Spring
Which movŤd me to seek a perfect love.
I fell in love, and love did sorrow bring.
I thought I'd lost what I'd been dreaming of.
My dream returned 'neath early Summer skies,
And movŤd me again to search for thee.
I found a girl with summer in her eyes.
She left; I dream; I search as dreams decree.
Now I have someone to share the Autumn rain;
In Winter someone new will keep me warm;
In Spring, perhaps, I'll fall in love again,
To cry again in early Summer storms.
All these I love, will love, and loved before,
That, when I find thee, I may love thee more.
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