Children of Sorrow

My college chum, Tom, and I jammed on this one at a party and impromptu jam-session during Christmas break with a few other people.  The reel-to-reel was rolling, and we made this recording, complete with doors opening and closing, dogs barking, and the phone ringing in the background.
words and music - Tony Provencher
Vocal - Tony Provencher
Guitar - Tony Provencher
Electric Guitar - Tom Blouin
Album: Dreams and Realities

Their faces dark and filled with grief,
They walk the hostile whitewashed street.

Sorrow, your children are crying.

The shoeshine boy around the corner
Feeds his seven little brothers.
The dark old man across the street
Hasn't eaten in a week.
The bearded youth walking by
Has a teardrop in his eye.

Sorrow, your children are crying.
Slowly, they are dying.

All they have is each other.
They know that they all are brothers.
Their heroes fall beneath axe
Of bigots and hypocrites.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy,
Killed in 1963;
The Reverend Martin Luther King,
Slain before he peace could bring;
Robert Francis Kennedy,
Shot in midst of victory.

Sorrow, your children are crying.
Bigots! see them dying.

Their eyes are red, their faces wet;
Touch their tear-stained cheeks.
Feel their skin, it's much like yours;
Touch their souls of grief.

They are the children of Sorrow.
They are the children of Sorrow.
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