What other artists are saying about Tony and his music:

John Lennon: "He's a real nowhere man..."

Paul McCartney: "Now I need a place to hide away..."

Paul Simon: "...songs that voices never shared. No one dared..."

John Sebastian: "...a pie in the face for being a sleepy bull toad."

Donovan: "Elevator in the Brain Hotel - broken down, but just as well..."

The Sons of the Pioneers: "...Don'tcha listen to 'im, Dan. He's the devil, not a man..."

Jacques Brel: "...l'ombre de ton chien."

Pete Townshend: "Who... ?"

Shirley Ellis: "Tony tony bo bony, banana fana fo fony..."

Marcel Marceau: " "


Tony's Own Words:

A few years ago I did a little playing out, and became known as "the Banjo Man" at our local open mikes, mainly because no one else around here would play that "God-forsaken instrument". Played in a local band called (very aptly) the Chapter Eleven Band. We did a mixture of pop, Irish songs, sea chanteys, and drinking songs. We were pretty bad, but we had fun.

Most of my stuff here is "older" stuff. Stuff I've had on tape for years, but never really shared. Even when I did play out, I rarely did any of my own stuff. Of course, most of the places where I played there was a Hockey game going on over my left shoulder. Every once in a while I'd get a great round of applause from the audience, only to find out it was because the Bruins scored a goal.

The first time I played in a coffee house where people actually listened, I was scared to death!


Guitar, acoustic and electric
Twelve-String Guitar
Five-String Banjo
Lap Dulcimer

I also occasionally noodle on the recorder, piano, and keyboards.

Don't do much playing or recording now, but it was really neat having ezFolk to share this old stuff on. Now, with the foundering of the mighty ship, ezFolk, I have embarked on a long-delayed journey developing my own music page.

Hope you enjoy it.